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Top Stories

  • Canine Pedigree Inc, and DogOnWeb, LLC will be attending a Pet Breeders education seminar near you this spring.  Look for us at MPBA Mar 11-12, IAPBA Mar 18-19, KPP Apr 1-2, MNPBA Apr 15-16.  Stop by our booth to see a demo of our software, or to see how we can save you countless hours of time to produce your registry and USDA compliant paperwork.


  • Canine Pedigree will be shutting down the free WebPed Pedigree Portal February 1, 2011.  All of the functionallity in the WebPed Portal can still be utilized with your very own DogOnWeb Kennel Management account.  We will import all of your current dogs / pedigrees so that you do not lose any data.


  • March - 2010         Canine Pedigree Inc. releases a new Pet Industry Software product

    Canine Pedigree Inc. has released a new Pet Industry Software product re-marketed as  This new software product manages all record keeping and automates forms for our users.  The new product supports pictures for sires, dams, and puppies.  Document management is also included allowing uses to attach copies of important documents for retrieval later if the originals are destroyed due to fire, flood, etc.  This new product also allows for Business to Business records transfers when doing business with other users.  See below for a few of the features.  Visit to signup for your own account.

    Features include:

      • Automated Forms
        • USDA Forms
        • Registry Forms
        • Health Certificates
        • Many Others
      • Kennl Managemnt
      • Track Breedings
      • Litter Records
      • Medical Records
      • Medical Certifications (OFA, OFEL, CERF, Etc)
      • Vaccinations
      • Medications
      • Medical Procedures
      • Other Medial Events
      • Document Management
      • Online Pictures
      • Multiple Registrations
      • Integrated Pedigrees
      • Sales
        • Accts Receivable
        • Accts Payable
        • Sales Invoices
        • Purchase Orders
        • WebSales Portal
        • Business 2 Business Sales
        • Electronic Records Transfers
  • April - 2009       Canine Pedigree Releases the WebPed Internet Pedigree Portal

    Purchase Adult Pedigrees and Print your Pups

    Canine Pedigree releases a new WebPed Internet Pedigree Portal for customers.  The WebPed Portal enables customers to purchase pedigrees for their breeding adults, and then create / print pedigrees for puppies of those adults at no charge.  The new WebPed Internet Pedigree Portal is as simple as point and click.  If you have already purchased multiple pedigrees from Canine Pedigree and wish to utilize the WebPed Portal, simply contact us to enable your account and have instant access to your pedigrees.

  • April - 2009       Canine Pedigree Releases a New Web Page

    The new Canine Pedigree web page should be easier to navigate and more user friendly.  In addition we have added a Related Links section which will let you quickly link to other Registry Sites or sites which may be able to provide useful and valuable information to our customer base.

Press Releases

  • Caninepedigree releases a new version of it's State Of the Art Kennel Management Software in December 2010

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